The memorys keeper

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The memorys keeper

Because of the blizzard, David, her husband, cannot make it to the hospital. David is a doctor, but not one who normally delivers babies. But then another baby emerges, this one a girl. But something is not right. She has the classic markings of Down Syndrome. David recalls his childhood, and the sister who was ill all her short life.

He does not want his wife to be burdened by what he deems to be an unhealthy baby. David tells his wife that the baby has died. In truth, David has asked his nurse, Caroline, to take the baby to a special institution.

Caroline tries to do as she is told. But upon arriving at the institution, she is horrified by the rundown conditions. She takes the baby home with her. After a few days off from work, Caroline decides to move out of town.

She names the baby Phoebe and commits to caring for the child herself. In the meantime, Norah is devastated by what she presumes to be the death of her baby daughter.

As the years go by, Paul grows up in a wealthy home.

The Memory Keeper's Daughter Summary -

But there are unresolved issues that are tormenting his parents. David is oppressed by the secret he is keeping. He distances himself from his wife and son by overworking. Phoebe, in the mean time, is growing up in a setting that is low on cash but definitely high on positive psychology.

Caroline fights for Phoebe, taking her to special classes to encourage her mental stimulation.

The memorys keeper

Caroline demands that the public school system allow her daughter to go to a regular school. Caroline loves watching Phoebe grow up, although sometimes she is exhausted by the amount of care that Phoebe needs. But it is a pleasant and rewarding fatigue.

In the meantime, Caroline also finds love. Al, a truck driver who helped her in the blizzard when Caroline was still in Lexington, finds her in Pittsburgh.

The two of them become close friends and eventually are married The entire section is words.Memory Keepers is a family owned and operated provider of digital preservation services. We utilize industry leading practices and technology in providing digital preservation of: Movie Films (8mm Film, Super 8 Film & 16mm Film).

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The memorys keeper

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