Ryerson thesis stream

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Ryerson thesis stream

Since I have mentioned the magic word, let us all take a moment to fill ourselves with sorrow and let loose our mighty collective groan.

Today the situation has progressed: Here, as just one example, is a Liz Ryerson piece telling us all about them. And in any case, despite its goofy headline the actual piece Adkins wrote is pretty good! It presents a fascinating cross-section of interconnected people and events.

We see the writers, Faliszek and Wolpaw, at two critical points in their careers: Lastly, of course, we see the rolling shit cloud itself: Gamergate, that spectacular orgy of consumer violence, which in retrospect served as harbinger for the fascist groundswell that currently engulfs America.

This was a degenerative historical process, Adkins argues, by which women like Williams became exiled from the industry: I, on the other hand, do not believe this to be how history functions.

I am therefore here to reconnect his datapoints in my own fashion: Yet make no mistake, dear reader: People like Ryerson explained the causes of Gamergate long ago, and I have remained satisfied with their explanations. Instead I will ask a series of what I believe to be more relevant questions today.

The first of my questions is: Like when drawing a two-dimensional map of the world. Better, they believe, to move incrementally if at all; otherwise who can say what awaits us out there in the heart of darkness?

This is a deeply conservative political consciousness, favouring as it does the prevention of any serious change. The bill grants millions more people access to life-saving care, which is an indisputable social good, at the cost of some increased taxation on the fortunate.

Liberal democratic principles have for centuries now defined the political center of America, Canada, England, France and so on. Long life, unfettered personal liberty and the pursuit of private property across generations. These are what we wrested from the monarchs and the church all those years ago; these are the purposes for which our present nation-states were constructed.

The presidential election, as with every other presidential election, offered two variants on the liberal theme. This kind of governance is a blood-soaked stain upon the very fabric of humanity, which has made it a perennial favourite amongst voters.

Meanwhile the actually-conservative side, led by Hillary Clinton of the Democratic Party, offered a different sort of liberalism: This is a time-honoured strategy worldwide, renowned both for its seemingly-low risk and for its obvious benefits to powerful donors for whom basic humanitarian services such as healthcare often prove inconvenient.

This is how, with our world plummeting towards disaster, the Republicans at least advocated for a change of course towards abject colonial horror. The Democrats, for their part, presented nothing except liberalism as it presently exists: In so doing, they underestimated the importance of hope.

Who, then, can we say were the true losers of this election? Yet the biggest losers, as usual, were those marginalized people who must continue living precariously in a country that dehumanizes them.

Their lives will not be as long; their actions will not be as free; their private property will remain meager. Neither variant of liberalism presented in the election offers hope for these people. It supposes they should simply accept the misfortune into which they were born: It admonishes them to suffer quietly, and to die quietly, which is not something they should do.

In this way it is fundamentally duplicitous.

Ryerson thesis stream

They cannot see how poor an outlook they provide for those trapped within our accelerating spiral of inequality; they cannot see the spiral at all, focused as they are on the center of their map. Instead the messages concern Clinton as a collection of ideas; they enact a ritualistic tango with Republican counter-messages, the goal being to connect her name with certain heroic traits.

They do this because in our society a liberal and democratic societysuccessful political campaigns succeed by way of ideas.Limit on slip rate and timing of recent seismic ground-ruptures on the Jinghong fault, SE of the eastern Himalayan syntaxis.

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