Reaction paper personality development

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Reaction paper personality development

Reaction paper personality development University This paper proposes that physical appearance is a major factor in the development of personality, because people form opinions by what they see in a person physically, and respond to that person accordingly.

In turn, people tend to fulfill the expectations they believe others have for them. Several examples are given of experiments and literature that support this assertion, and a method is suggested for more directly observing this phenomenon experimentally. Environment and Nature The debate as to whether a people's personality was more influenced by their genetics or their environment has raged for years.

One possible flaw in this estimate, however, lies in the fact that the question of how much people's nature influences their environment has been largely left unanswered.

For this question to be properly answered, however, it must be determined what natural factors could possibly have a strong influence on environment.

Once this Reaction paper personality development and effect relationship is established, it should be much more convenient to accurately examine what causes people's personality to develop as it does. Under the stated premise, it is necessary to examine what characteristics people possess that could possibly have an effect on their environment and that would, in turn, at least partially determine how the variable set of their environment other people, basically would behave.

Naturally, one factor that could affect the responses of others is personality. Obviously, if someone is very antisocial, for example, people will not, in all likelihood, respond openly and warmly to this person if given the opportunity to interact with an anti-social person in the first place.

However, trends like this in people's personality tend to be self-perpetuating Ewen, Because of this, describing how a trait affects the environment's response is best described by the trait itself, and it seems that not much useful information can be gleaned from such examining a loop.

The most promising source for understanding how people's natural or existing traits can affect the responses of the environment lies in the examination of the traits with which people are born, most notably physical appearance.

Much the same way people's personality affects how others treat those people, so too does appearance. In some sense, certain elements of appearance such as hygiene and selection of clothes are also functions of personality, but for the most part, physical appearance, as something one inherits genetically, is independent of personality.

Because of this, it can be said that physical appearance affects the environment that in turn affects personality. Much information already exists on such topics as how physical appearance affects happiness, self-esteem, and success.

It is only the next logical step to examine how appearance governs the environment in which people are immersed in by affecting the opinions of others.

Essentially, a two step cause-and-effect relationship should, hypothetically, describe the interaction between appearance and environment, and in turn, environment and personality.

At an early age, perhaps before age ten or so, children have begun to recognize how others react to them. Naturally, people react with certain biases to people who look one way or another.

Good-looking children are treated as social superiors, because in society, stereotype dictates that popular people are good looking.

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Conversely, children who are deemed to be not as attractive are often treated as inferior to the other children. For example, one study found that, "If teachers expect different behavior from students of different physical attractiveness, the students.

The result is very favorable for those students of higher physical attractiveness but very unfavorable for those lower in physical attractiveness" Patzer,p. In both possible cases, the children begin to conform their self-opinions to the opinions of those who interact with them, and eventually will even change the ways they dress and take care of themselves to conform to others' preconceived notions of them.

Once personality finally conforms to others' notions as well, the cycle repeats indefinitely, with personality and outward appearance conforming to opinions, opinions being formed by personality and appearance. This situation clearly demonstrates a case in which environment affects people, but in which environment is heavily influenced by nature.

Support for the Theory Support for such a theory can come from a variety of sources. One obvious means of support for this theory comes from common sense and logic.Reaction Paper on Adolescent Growth and Development.

Reaction paper personality development

Reaction paper on adolescent growth and development Adolescent Growth and Development 1 - Reaction Paper on Adolescent Growth and Development introduction. abusive relationship: when one partner in a relationship becomes violent or aggressive toward the other.

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Physical Appearance

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I thought at first that this was just an ordinary and predictable subject because of its topics like values and manners.

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