Protection of youth in germany

On 21 Junethe Bundesrat upper house of parliament followed the Bundestag lower house in approving the new Jugendschutzgesetz Youth Protection Act.

Protection of youth in germany

Legal basis[ edit ] The basic rights of freedom of expression and artistic freedom in Article 5 of the German Grundgesetz are not guaranteed without limits. Along with the "provisions of general laws and "provisions [ It also provides a legal basis for the actions of the BPjM.

Protection of youth in germany

Robert Schilling — Werner Jungeblodt — Deputy: Eduard Tack Rudolf Stefen — Deputies: Martina Hannak-Meinke The first session deciding upon applications requesting the indexing of materials took place on July 9, The first two works indexed by the BPjS were Tarzan comics.

The rationale for this was that they would affect young people in a "nerve-inflaming and brutalizing way" and "transport them into an unreal world of lies". Such works were supposedly "the result of a degenerate imagination".

In the number and type of institutions which could petition for a work to be indexed was widened considerably. The number of applications for indexing has multiplied significantly as a result of this.

It came into effect on April 1, New forms of media such as websites and computer software were within its jurisdiction. As previously, an examination order can result from the application of a state youth protection agency or from the request of a non-governmental youth organisation.

For video gamesthe new law also made the ratings of the USK compulsory. Games that have been given a rating by this organisation can no longer be put on the index. Role and responsibilities[ edit ] The BPjM has the following responsibilities: Media that are "immoral, brutalizing, or which provoke violence, crime or racial hatred " are named as examples of this.

Upon the application Antrag of a youth welfare office or at the request of an accredited non-governmental youth organisation, the BPjM examines whether a written work, filmcomputer game or other media product has content they consider harmful to young persons.

If an application is made by a government body, the BPjM must always examine the media work. If a non-governmental body makes a request, the BPjM can decide itself if it needs to take action.

No organization or individual other than the prescribed government bodies may make an Antrag. In practice applications are normally made by the youth welfare offices. The indexing process[ edit ] The authors, producers or rightsholders of the work in question are notified of the application or request for indexing.

Germany : Youth Protection Act and Inter-State Agreement on Youth Protection in the Media Adopted

They have the right to a legal hearing. A work has been rated by the Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle der Filmwirtschaft the film industry body which practises voluntary rating of movies and did not receive a Nicht freigegeben unter 18 Jahren rating.

As of Aprilthis particular rating is no longer issued. The new Keine Jugendfreigabe rating has been added instead, but has stricter rules as it cannot be indexed.

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How To Germany Newsletter Sign-up To further the specialist bilateral dialogue, it is essential to understand the basic structures of the German system of child and youth services with its federal and subsidiary structures and its fairly broad possibilities for participation.

However, movies rated Nicht freigegeben unter 18 Jahren before that date can still get this rating when a new label releases such a movie and therefore has to apply for a re-rating. A work has been rated by the Unterhaltungssoftware Selbstkontrolle the software industry body which practises voluntary rating of entertainment software since April 1, voluntary-sector youth organisations; public-sector youth organisations; teaching staff; the churches; three representatives from the ministries responsible for youth protection in the sixteen Bundesländer, who serve in rotation.

Age Rating Strategy

The hearing, which representatives of the work in question can take part in, is oral and not open to the public. As such, it is as yet unknown whether a ban on the publication of these lists could be a violation of the Youth Protection Act.

If it is not, then such a ban would not be permitted under article 5 of the German constitution. The Alexander von Humboldt Foundation is offering International Climate Protection Fellowships to prospective leaders to device a research based proposal in climate-related resource conservation and climate protection during their stay in Germany.

The Jugendschutzgesetz, or Youth Protection Act, in Germany specifically deals with the rights and responsibilities of adolescents. When traveling abroad it is always good to know if there are any age restrictions.

Corinna Bienger, our German correspondent, says, “these laws in Germany are the most complicated laws I ever read.

Protection of youth in germany

There. Dear friends, SafeDNS has added to its categorization database and your service dashboard one more category. It is called German Youth Protection and contains sites considered unsafe by Federal Department for media harmful to .

Censorship in Germany has taken many forms throughout the history of the region. Various regimes have restricted the press, cinema, literature, and other entertainment venues.

In modern Germany, the Grundgesetz guarantees freedom of press, speech, and opinion. Censorship is mainly exerted in the form of restriction of access to certain media (examples include motion pictures and video games) to older .

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