Photographic essay of babylon 1956

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New Babylon, revisited by Mark Wigley. Attempting to resolve the dichotomy between work and leisure, Constant speculated about a society freed from the need to work by automation and visualized the post-labor world. In New Babylon, people are liberated from manual labor and can dedicate themselves fully to the development of creative ideas.

Will technological order eradicate violence? Would New Babylon be possible without the work of the other? The eponymous book, published by Hatje Cantz and Het Nieuwe Instituut, and edited by Otero Verzier and Nick Axel, explores the spatial configurations, living conditions, and notions of the human body engendered by disruptive changes in labor, its ethos, and its conditions.

Selected essays are published in installments on this website. Hospitality is not easy. Hospitality is openness to the stranger. It is to embrace the risk of the other. Welcoming the stranger into your house is the beginning of love, of companionship, discussion, play, pleasure, affection, friendship, education, sharing, and solidarity.

To invite the other in, to be hospitable, is to learn and to love but is also to be conflicted and perhaps even to be hurt.

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Seemingly benign, conventional buildings, very simple buildings that simply offer an interior space, always sustain violence through these systems of exclusions and hierarchies.

Designers always speak in terms of inclusivity. They love everybody, their architecture is for everybody. This kind of language is left out of the story of openness and inclusion. The language of inclusivity is a secret language of exclusivity. Every line has the capacity to give comfort, space, time, to one group, and take it away from another.

Can you draw a line that welcomes without also excluding? Every line has to be undone. Every line has to be provisional, dotted, blurred, contested.

How, then, do you operate as an architect? That is to say, a person who draws lines, while depowering the lines, by not allowing the line to be violent, to exert its violence? Miesian architecture may inspire hospitality, but it never strays too far away from the idea of authority.

The room we are in is in every sense exclusive. Real hospitality is a radical act. This invitation and embrace of the unknown guest necessarily undermines the designer and the design itself.

In other words, a genuinely hospitable architecture that would welcome the other would welcome its own destruction. It would welcome the dissolution and blurring of the figure of the designer.

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The real generosity of a host is not to invite someone or something to occupy a space, but to invite a transformation of the space. New Babylon is that kind of invitation, like giving you a piece of play equipment to dismantle.

New Babylon is the most extreme and invaluable example of extreme hospitality. Here, hospitality is extended to the whole species. It is a genuinely popular architecture for a world in which no one would be considered either ordinary or strange.

This would be, to put it crudely, an architecture for the people, and nothing less. Constant really tries to ask the question: What does it mean to be suspended within a networked world beyond labor? He was seeing that world coming with all its promise and its horror, and we have already entered that world today.Movement Bibliography Titles Grouped by Subject.

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Photographic essay of babylon 1956

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Photographic essay of babylon 1956

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