Pec h3g business plan

To support the achievement of the overall business plan. To carry out day-to-day maintenance of network and hardware.

Pec h3g business plan

These conferences take place after every Local Government Election. Policital Structure Administrative SALGA has structured itself in such a manner that it is able to advise and support municipalities in the drive to deliver on services to communities.

SALGA has eight directorates that operate effectively in their areas of expertise. SALGA has eight directorates that operate effectively in their vast functions. The Office of the CEO OCEO Provides overall leadership to the organization, with the essential role of managing the organizations legal risk, compliance with legislation, regulatory bodies, and internal policies.

Community Development CD Community Development assists municipalities on policy guidelines in areas relating to community development.

Human Development which relates to sports, recreation, arts and culture and poverty alleviation, also forms part of the areas of responsibility within Community Development. This directorate participates in policy development processes that impact on municipal finances and the broader fiscal framework.

Economic Development and Planning supports municipalities with developing Local Economic Development LEDensuring that priorities and policies determined at a national level are articulated down to local government, this includes sharing best practices in areas such as land use development planning; land management ; Local Economic DevelopmentInformation Communication Technology and Municipal Finance.

Finance, ICT and general administration are housed within this directorate. This directorate plays a key role in areas such as providing hands-on support to municipalities on effective governance, councillor support, guidelines on roles and responsibilities, lobbying and advocating on behalf of our members in IGR fora, the NCOP and provincial legislatures.

Municipal Infrastructure Services MIS MIS plays an integral role to finding solutions to services delivery challenges common with municipal infrastructure services these include: Alongside mobilizing appropriate support from partners, MIS facilitates knowledge sharing from lessons learned through innovations within municipalities.

MIS is able to identify funding and training opportunities to support Municipal Infrastructure service delivery. Through continuous lobbying and advocating MIS is able to effectively represent local government at an intergovernmental level through developing positions on key policies affecting this area.

Capacity building entails assisting municipalities through strengthening policy analysis, research and monitoring of capacity and assisting municipalities in developing guidelines responding to their needs.

pec h3g business plan

MID plays a crucial role in collective bargaining as prescribed in our mandate as the employer body representing our members. In representing our members in collective bargaining MID promotes an approach which is mutually beneficial in wage negotiations and also facilitating the implementation of Labour and HR policies enhancing service delivery as well ensuring municipal compliance with legislation.

This directorate is responsible for Institutional Performance Management and Reporting with reference to the organizational strategy and business plans. Some key stakeholder categories managed through the directorate include donors, business, civil society, research agencies, and professional associations.SPR facilitates SALGA’s strategy and business planning processes.

It develops; reviews and updates the strategy and business plan in a manner that is indicative of key stakeholders’ needs and changes in the local government and national policy context.

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contact news/events plan room. Jun 04,  · Lesson Plan in TVL Home Economics – COOKERY.

pec h3g business plan

Grade 11 June 4, I. OBJECTIVES A. CONTENT STANDARD – The learners demonstrate an understanding one’s PEC’s in cookery B. PERFORMANCE STANDARD – The learners recognize his/her PECs and prepare an Building a Business When There Are No .

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