Gas chromatography lab report

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Gas chromatography lab report

Our core business is offering an alternative to customers who have been abandoned by their chromatography software vendors. In many cases when companies have been taken over or merged with large instrumentation groups, the software used by thousands of customers is simply discontinued with no clear upgrade path.

We are proud of our history, and have never abandoned our customers. No matter what happens in the broader IT or instrumentation market, Chromperfect will continue to offer market leading, modern and affordable solutions for our customers! Chemists enjoy a single user- friendly interface and all data is created in a common file format.

This makes training and data transfer to the rest of the enterprise surprisingly simple. The product was among the first to offer an economical PC-based chromatography data system to analytical laboratories.

Direct interface to chromatography instruments including Agilent or Hewlett Packard models: Single instrument to client server Chromatography software for a single instrument, a medium-sized laboratory or an enterprise wide client server chromatography data system.

We offer solutions that will connect to all your existing laboratory and computer equipment and a flexible licensing system to allow important data to be shared throughout the laboratory and the whole organization.

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Chromperfect has been leading the chromatography software industry for 35 years and continues to be the first choice for chemists today.

Whether switching a valve, sounding an alarm or sending an email, Chromperfect has you covered. We strive to support both new and legacy instrumentation.

Allowing our customers to maximize ROI on instrument purchases and embrace new technologies and features of the latest instrumentation.


Up to 4 instruments, SL offers excellent value for money and an entry level chromatography data system for education and smaller commercial labs.

Historically Chromperfect has always supported new versions of Windows on the day of release.

Gas chromatography lab report

The power and features of Chromperfect for customers who use a competitors Chromatography Data System We appreciate that not every customer can use Chromperfect exclusively for all their chromatography data acquisition needs and now we offer a product which allows you to use data acquired from another source and process using the power of Chromperfect.

How does Chromperfect Unite work? Chromperfect Unite shares the same core software as the fully fledged versions of the product. The user can open data from any other software system using the seamless and automatic file import system to allow data files to be opened directly within Chromperfect Unite.Basic theory for a gas chromatography lab report: the overview of the main principles Nowadays, it is impossible to imagine a chemical laboratory without a gas chromatograph.

Contemporary science uses gas chromatography to analyze solids, liquids and gases, and also it is the premier technique for separation of volatile compounds. Chromperfect chromatography software and chromatography data systems for gas and liquid chromatographs HPLC and GC analysis. Basic Gas Chromatography (): Harold M. McNair, James M. Miller: Books. Experiment 8: Gas Chromatography (GC) In this experiment, mixtures of volatile organic compounds will be separated and temperature in your lab notebook.

The carrier gas flow rate is adjustable for both columns and, You will write formal report for this laboratory. For . Nov 18,  · chromatography, the mobile phase is a gas that carries the analytes through the column and is therefore referred to as the carrier gas.

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The stationary phase for this experiment is a silicon phase. In mass spectrometry, ionization refers to the production of gas phase ions suitable for resolution in the mass analyser or mass filter. Ionization occurs in the ion are several ion sources available; each has advantages and disadvantages for particular applications.

For example, electron ionization (EI) gives a high degree of .

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