Explain the importance of grievance handling

The previous articles are designed to help small business owners and HR practitioners understand how to manage the different types of workers we have, interns, contractors etc. It is one of those things that may seem like no big deal, but if done improperly can be huge in the way of fines and penalty payments. Today I wanted to mention one simple process that can help to mitigate the risks of employees who feel they need to take their complaints outside as in to the DOL or a lawyer. That is to have a thorough and documented employee grievance procedure.

Explain the importance of grievance handling

Steps, Need and Elements Article shared by: After reading this article you will learn about Grievance Handling Procedure: Steps in Grievance Handling Procedure 2. Need for a Grievance Handling Procedure 3. Steps in Grievance Handling Procedure: At any stage of the grievance machinery, the dispute must be handled by some members of the management.

In grievance redressed, responsibility lies largely with the management. And, grievances should be settled promptly at the first stage itself. The following steps will provide a measure of guidance to the manager dealing with grievances.

They should focus attention on grievances, not turn away from them. Ignorance is not bliss, it is the bane of industrial conflict.

How do you explain the importance of grievance handling

Condescending attitude on the part of supervisors and managers would aggravate the problem. Instead of trying to deal with a vague feeling of discontent, the problem should be defined properly. Sometime the wrong complaint is given. By effective listening, one can make sure that a true complaint is voiced.

Facts should be separated from fiction. Though grievances result in hurt feelings, the effort should be to get the facts behind the feelings. There is need for a proper record of each grievance. Decisions on each of the grievances will have a precedent effect. While no time should be lost in dealing with them, it is no excuse to be slip-shod about it.

Grievance settlements provide opportunities for managements to correct themselves, and thereby come closer to the employees.

Horse-trading in grievance redressed due to union pressures may temporarily bring union leadership closer to the management, but it will surely alienate the workforce away from the management.

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Decisions taken must be followed up earnestly. They should be promptly communicated to the employee concerned. If a decision is favourable to the employee, his immediate boss should have the privilege of communicating the same.

Some of the common pitfalls that managements commit in grievance handling relate to: Need for a Grievance Handling Procedure:Explain manager's role, the policy and the procedures clearly in the grievance handling procedure.

4. Fully explaining the situation to the employee to eliminate any misunderstanding and promote better acceptance of the situation complained of. Essential Pre-requisites of a Grievance Handling Procedure: Every organisation should have a systematic grievance procedure in order to redress the grievances effectively.

As explained above, unattended grievances may culminate in the form of violent conflicts later on. Maintaining quality of work life for its employees is an important concern for the any organisation. The grievance handling procedure of the organisation can affect the . A fair and objective Grievance Handling Procedure provides employees with a systematic and legitimate avenue to raise their grievances; it also creates a safe working environment where employees can seek redress in a specified manner, without fear of repercussions.

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Explain the importance of grievance handling

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How is this type of grievance handeld Explain the Importance of Grievance Handling Maintaining quality of work life for its employees is an important concern for the any organisation.

The grievance handling procedure of the organisation can affect the harmonious environment of the organisation.

Grievance Handling: Definition, Features Causes, and Effects