Explain how changing demographics are impacting patients and providers in the delivery of health car

National League for Nursing, C Coordinate and manage care Manage chronic conditions, including atypical presentations, in daily life and during life transitions to maximize function and maintain independence. Advocate during acute exacerbations of chronic conditions to prevent complications. E Evolving knowledge utilization Understand geriatric syndromes and unique presentations of common diseases in older adults.

Explain how changing demographics are impacting patients and providers in the delivery of health car

As our country gets bigger, older and more diverse, the ever-evolving composition of the population will have profound effects on the U.

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Changes in population size, age, race and ethnicity affect the health-care resources needed, the cost of care provided, and even the conditions associated with each population group. An Aging Population Inthe population aged 65 and older represented 8. That percentage is projected to reach A report issued by the Institute of Medicine in found that the health-care workforce would be too small and ill equipped to meet the needs of the growing, aging population.

As each calendar year ushers in new health-care reform requirements, hospitals and health systems will need to form more partnerships with other providers and payers to create a complete continuum of patient care.

Hospitals will need more specialists in the diseases and conditions of aging—including chronic disease and palliative and hospice care—and health-care professionals who can help patients address end-of-life care issues.

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And hospitals will have to tap into technology to enhance care coordination and proactively manage this aging cohort. Americans have long-held beliefs that Latinos live in the Southwest and African-Americans live in the South.

While many minority groups are still concentrated in specific areas of the country, many have moved around the U. Each population group has socioeconomic concerns—lack of insurance or less access to health services, for example—and predispositions to specific diseases.

African-Americans face higher maternal mortality and are more likely to develop diabetes than whites.

Explain how changing demographics are impacting patients and providers in the delivery of health car

Latinos are far more likely than any other population to face lupus. What does all of this mean? Since the census is conducted every 10 years and population makeup can change rapidly due to economic downturns or natural disasters, health-care organizations should rely on data from the American Community Survey, a mandatory annual sampling of the population conducted by the U.

Census Bureau, for their planning needs. Cultural and Religious Differences Cultural and religious diversity—well beyond communication barriers—is important as well. Other cultures have complementary and alternative remedies that, when combined with traditional medicine, could have harmful consequences.

Buddhists, for example, place an importance on mindful awareness and often seek non-pharmacological pain management options. During the month of Ramadan, Muslims do not eat or drink from dawn to sundown, and this fasting could present harm to a patient.

Health-care professionals must be cognizant of these differences within their patient community.Healthcare Challenges and Trends Changing demographics Service is in demand the patient-provider relationship towards the patient.

The advent of social media is also driving healthcare interactions in new ways. Patients are exploiting these resources to discuss. Explain how changing demographics are impacting patients and providers.

Use the South University Online Library and appropriate Internet sites along with concepts and ideas from the text to support your findings and opinions in a two- to three-page Word document addressing the following:Explain how changing demographics are impacting patients and providers in the delivery of health .

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How Demographics Impact Healthcare Delivery