Essay on discrimination and tolerance

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Essay on discrimination and tolerance

Persistent bias still exists for people of certain religious faiths, people of certain ethnic backgrounds, undocumented immigrants, LGBTQ individuals, the disabled, the poor, the homeless and the mentally ill.

Even if we do not consciously act on them, biases cause harm by impacting who we hire, what we expect and what issues get prioritized for study, research and treatment.

Essay on discrimination and tolerance

The history of science and medicine is littered with examples of social biases clouding scientific judgment. While it would be easier to believe that these issues are behind us, evidence shows bias and discriminatory beliefs are hardly historical footnotes. A study published in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America in shows that among medical students and residents: It takes more than acceptance.

It takes equal representation in all levels of academia, scientific study and clinical practice in order to challenge false beliefs and break the cycle of discriminatory practice.

A range of poor health outcomes has long been associated with communities of color, including depression, cardiovascular disease, infant mortality, preterm labor and low birth-weight.

A growing body of evidence shows that negative, harmful physiological changes are caused by the stress of living with discrimination.

This evidence challenges us to address discrimination and bias as a public health issue. Ina woman earned, on average, 79 cents to every dollar paid to a man, with the gap widen-ing to 60 cents for black women and to 55 cents for Hispanic women.

Wage disparities contribute to poverty, the single greatest predictor of health outcomes in the United States today.

By age 25, Americans with the highest incomes live, on average, more than six years longer than their poor counterparts, and this gap remains throughout life.

At age 65, those at the top half of the income distribution live almost five years more than those in the bottom half—a finding that has been consistent since the s, according to data collected by the U.

Women have historically been underrepresented in scientific research. Therefore, clinical guidelines in medicine have historically been normed on male subjects, leaving treatment for women sub-optimized or even harmful.

The results were disappointing. The median enrollment of women in studies that included both sexes remained low, at 37 percent. Bureau of Labor Statistics report states that a mere The medical model of disability that sees disability as a disease, rather than a normal part of life, contributes to bias in employers who routinely report that people with disabilities pose greater risks to their organizations, are less reliable as employees and are less productive.

Admitting more students with disabilities to medical school is a critical step in normalizing disability, diminishing the stigma associated with disability and opening up new avenues for research. For example, 74 percent of medical students surveyed felt prepared to care for patients with HIV, while only 25 percent felt prepared for care related to sexual reassignment surgery.

We cannot fight intolerance with ignorance. This essay was adapted from his acceptance speech for the Albert Schweitzer Fellowship Humanitarian of the Year Award asfhg.Essay about Diversity: Discrimination and Diversity (HR) disciplines, I chose to focus on the discipline of diversity.

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Essay on discrimination and tolerance
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