Disadvantages of living in high rise building

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Disadvantages of living in high rise building

Ordinary equity shares Ordinary shares are issued to the owners of a company. The market value of a quoted company's shares bears no relationship to their nominal value, except that when ordinary shares are issued for cash, the issue price must be equal to or be more than the nominal value of the shares.

Deferred ordinary shares are a form of ordinary shares, which are entitled to a dividend only after a certain date or if profits rise above a certain amount. Voting rights might also differ from those attached to other ordinary shares.

Ordinary shareholders put funds into their company: Simply retaining profits, instead of paying them out in the form of dividends, offers an important, simple low-cost source of finance, although this method may not provide enough funds, for example, if the firm is seeking to grow.

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A new issue of shares might be made in a variety of different circumstances: If it issues ordinary shares for cash, should the shares be issued pro rata to existing shareholders, so that control or ownership of the company is not affected? If, for example, a company withordinary shares in issue decides to issue 50, new shares to raise cash, should it offer the new shares to existing shareholders, or should it sell them to new shareholders instead?

In the example above, the 50, shares would be issued as a one-in-four rights issue, by offering shareholders one new share for every four shares they currently hold. New shares issues A company seeking to obtain additional equity funds may be: The methods by which an unquoted company can obtain a quotation on the stock market are: An offer for sale is a means of selling the shares of a company to the public.

All the shares in the company, not just the new ones, would then become marketable. When this occurs, the company is not raising any new funds, but just providing a wider market for its existing shares all of which would become marketableand giving existing shareholders the chance to cash in some or all of their investment in their company.

When companies 'go public' for the first time, a 'large' issue will probably take the form of an offer for sale. A smaller issue is more likely to be a placing, since the amount to be raised can be obtained more cheaply if the issuing house or other sponsoring firm approaches selected institutional investors privately.

Rights issues A rights issue provides a way of raising new share capital by means of an offer to existing shareholders, inviting them to subscribe cash for new shares in proportion to their existing holdings. For example, a rights issue on a one-for-four basis at c per share would mean that a company is inviting its existing shareholders to subscribe for one new share for every four shares they hold, at a price of c per new share.

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Preference shares Preference shares have a fixed percentage dividend before any dividend is paid to the ordinary shareholders. As with ordinary shares a preference dividend can only be paid if sufficient distributable profits are available, although with 'cumulative' preference shares the right to an unpaid dividend is carried forward to later years.

The arrears of dividend on cumulative preference shares must be paid before any dividend is paid to the ordinary shareholders. From the company's point of view, preference shares are advantageous in that: Redeemable preference shares are normally treated as debt when gearing is calculated.

However, dividend payments on preference shares are not tax deductible in the way that interest payments on debt are. Furthermore, for preference shares to be attractive to investors, the level of payment needs to be higher than for interest on debt to compensate for the additional risks.

For the investor, preference shares are less attractive than loan stock because: Loan stock Loan stock is long-term debt capital raised by a company for which interest is paid, usually half yearly and at a fixed rate.

Holders of loan stock are therefore long-term creditors of the company. Loan stock has a nominal value, which is the debt owed by the company, and interest is paid at a stated "coupon yield" on this amount.

The rate quoted is the gross rate, before tax. Debentures are a form of loan stock, legally defined as the written acknowledgement of a debt incurred by a company, normally containing provisions about the payment of interest and the eventual repayment of capital.

Disadvantages of living in high rise building

Debentures with a floating rate of interest These are debentures for which the coupon rate of interest can be changed by the issuer, in accordance with changes in market rates of interest.

They may be attractive to both lenders and borrowers when interest rates are volatile.A bungalow is a single-story house, cottage or cabin.

This term, bungalow has different meanings across the world but common features of these definitions include being detached, low-rise and the use of . on their occupants.

Tall residential buildings can have a myriad of such effects. This review summarizes the results of research on the influences of high-rise buildings on residents’ experiences of the building, satisfaction, preferences, social behavior, crime and fear of crime, children, men-tal health and suicide.

A few advantages and disadvantages of living in a low-rise building: High rise buildings give more city lifestyle as compared to G+ 3/ 4/ 5 apartments. Irrespective of whether you are looking for a house in Chennai or some other city, the final call of which type of house to invest in depends on the choice or need of the buyers, they both.

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Disadvantages of living in high rise building

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High-rise Buildings – Advantages & Benefits