Control measures to use in a tuck shop

Waverly - Updated September 26, Retail stores need to maintain certain standards of operation to ensure stability. To do this, a store must monitor different areas and issues so management can correct any deviations.

Control measures to use in a tuck shop

Partnership working and special schemes Many of these measures are not expensive, and often their benefits outweigh their costs. You might find that there is funding available to help you introduce some of these measures. If you are interested in possible funding sources, contact your local authority environmental health department or police crime prevention officer to find out if they are aware of any schemes you could access.

Measures often work best when used in combination. No single measure will usually be completely effective on its own and it is best to use measures that cover a variety of approaches, for example some that address the work environment, some that address working practices, and some that address training needs.

However, it is also important to strike a balance between protecting your staff, and still creating a relaxing and friendly environment for both customers and staff. Remember, whilst aimed at preventing violence, a few customers may perceive some of your control measures as excessive or negative, and this may result in more aggressive and violent behaviour.

You will need to address these points in order to prevent putting your employees at risk. Your measures should be sensible and proportionate to the particular risks in your business.

Some measures to prevent electrical shock include: • Never use a bare hand or wet glove to change electrodes. • Do not touch an energized electrode while you are in contact with the work circuit. theft There are also cameras behind the counter so that it is a lot more difficult to steal Control measures in Bar/ coffee / tuck shop Two people have access to the till. Never pay retail again on Nutrients, Grow bulbs, Fans, Gardening Supplies, Ballasts, Advanced Nutrients, Heavy 16, Fox Farm, General Hydroponics, Botanicare and many many more!

You need to think about: What are the risks to my staff and others? What measures or combination of measures will best address those risks?

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What is the level of risk and does it justify the cost of the additional or improved measures? Is it reasonably practicable? What other benefits do the measures have that may compensate for the costs? For example, CCTV images can be used as evidence by the police in criminal cases to reduce stock losses and act as a deterrent.

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It is important to evaluate your measures once you have put them in place. Are they being used? If not, why not? Do staff know how to use your control measures? Ask them, they will be able to tell you what may work better.

Also, think about what you are trying to achieve with your control measures. The reduction of violent incidents or verbal abuse is important.

Control measures to use in a tuck shop

How will you gauge this reduction? It is important to reduce the fear and perception of violence amongst staff and customers. Do you have any ways of quantifying this?

What about turnover or sickness absence? The sharing of information or partnership working with other businesses or agencies can be important. How will you measure that success?

Control measures to use in a tuck shop

Comparing yourself to other businesses of a similar nature can be helpful. How do your rate yourself? Communication with your staff is vital. Do you currently have a problem with reporting or recording incidents? This may give you a misleading indication of how effective your controls are.What Control Measures Do You Have In A Coffee Shop Tuckshop.

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Quick guide to control measures. Through your risk assessment you may have identified a number of risks that need to be effectively managed, or you might just be interested to see what else you can do to control the risk of work-related violence.

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2 DOCUMENT CONTROL As part of this plan, all agency operations have been reviewed and particular precautions and control measures are to be taken in accordance with Attachment A.

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