Are footballers overpaid

Club career[ edit ] Tigana started his professional career as a player at Toulon, having been spotted fairly late playing part-time while employed in a spaghetti factory and then as a postman. He was part of the French national football team that won the European Championship indefeating Spain in the final. In Bordeaux's midfield for eight years, Tigana helped them to three league titles and three French cups, as well as taking them close to European glory on two occasions, losing in the semi-final of the European Cup and Cup Winners' Cup in and respectively.

Are footballers overpaid

Are footballers overpaid

Submit Not at all They are not overpaid, indeed they generates millions of euros, it is normal that they are paid accordingly. Don't blame, footballers but the society, it's me and you that pay for watching them on TV, for having football tickets or jerseys.

We participate and we are the reason of their wages.

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You have to be dumb to compare doctors and footballers, doctors are not in a competitive market as are footballers. For example great surgeon working on private hospital in the U. S have incredible salaries. So because they are not so many and because they are in a competitive market, to hire them hospitals and clubs have to pay for it.

In economy there is a simple rule: Nevertheless water is vital for health while foie gras is not, it's even harmful If you can't understand this simple rule of economy do not participate to this debate. Moreover, footballer is the most demanded job I think, how many people become Professional?

Are footballers overpaid

It also can be a precarious job for so many of them, indeed none of them have an opened-end contract, sometime they don't know where they'll be in 6 months, if they'll still be footballers You think that all the professionals are like Cristiano Ronaldo?

Not at all, even if they are all well paid, it's not enough to live for 20 years, and a footballer carreer lasts 12years to 14 years, less if big injuries happened It's really demagogic to always blame footballers.

Actors and singers are often more paid than them but we never hear anything about that, maybe that you judge that they deserve more than footballers Those who think that their job consist to just run and train one time per day are stupid.

Like if I say that job of actor consists to smile in front of a camera To be brief, they are too much paid morally, being so much paid while some people are starving it's scandalous.

BUT they are not over paid from an economic point of view, it is logical. So you don't have to blame footballers, but blame the society, you and me, and try to change things. Sorry for my English, i'm not a native English soeaker, I hope you can understand what I said.Who says it isn’t (you may well ask)?

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Where’s the survey? As it’s the silly season, I offer no research, just conjecture and portentous conclusions. ‘Footballers are overpaid’- it is one of those statements that most football fans come to a solid consensus with.

With football being double dipped into the business pool, Jamie Scrupps talks about how it is quite normal for footballers to get such enormous wages. Kraken lovers, if there was ever a time to gird yourselves, this is it.

You see yesterday, on Twitter, I was faced with a post of such vile, grasping, scum-sucking proportions that I actually screen grabbed it for your personal delight and delectation. The country’s social media are filled with compatriots’ opinions on his performance.

Are the world's highest paid football players overpaid? Big data says yes Computational model shows Lionel Messi is the world's most overpaid football player. Footballers in the premier league receive huge amounts of money every year with the likes of Wayne Rooney getting £ million every year, but are they overpaid? One way that we can tell if footballers are overpaid is by seeing how much revenue that a certain footballer will bring to a club. Britain should replace the royal family with a president. Footballers are overpaid. Aliens have visited earth. Laws should be introduced to control car ownership and use. 5 Too much television is bad for you. Encourage children to think of reasonable and valid arguments. The Argument Game. J. Usher - Title: 1 Author: jusher Last.

Even former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva, who is serving 12 years in jail for corruption. Mar 17,  · This is the squad who will be contracted come July. I genuinely thought more of these “players” were out of contract in a few months What an unbalanced squad of overpaid, unmotivated and inconsistent players with a smattering of kids.

Watch video · Alan Shearer has launched a ferocious critique of modern English footballers ahead of the new season, claiming they are 'overpaid' in a 'too-much-too-young' industry and lack the 'hunger' and.

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