A review of riders of the purple sage by zane grey

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A review of riders of the purple sage by zane grey

Sage sage sage sage, sage sage Mormon sage. Purple sage sage sage and Gentiles, sage sage sage sage and sage. Sage sage sage sage riders sage sage. Sage sage if sage sage thunder.

Sage sage sage; sage sage sage sage. Mormons sage sage sage sage, sage sage shot, sage sage sage sage. There were some other words and stuff, but really this book is about sage. Mormons, Gentiles, and some other things are mentioned, but the focus is on the sage.

The color of the sage, the t Summary: The color of the sage, the things in the sage, the way the sage looks, the way the sage feels, the sage the sage the sage. I took to counting the amounts of times the word 'sage' was used - This isn't a big book. That's a lot of freaking uses of the word 'sage'.

Sometimes Grey would get clever and hyphenate words: It still tastes the same, no matter how you cook it. Clearly the words 'plant' and 'shrub' were considered too dull for use in this story.

Did you know the sage was purple? There was a lot of purple sage. There's no other way to describe such a sight. All of this aside, the story actually isn't so bad. It's hard to muddle through some of the especially purple prose for lack of a better phrase - like sage, prose can only be purplebut I was surprised that there's an actual story here.

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An interesting one at that. Wikipedia calls the story "complex" and I can't say I disagree. I don't know Westerns very well.

A review of riders of the purple sage by zane grey

I watched a lot of reruns of The Lone Ranger when I was a kid and harbored a weird kid-sized crush on Clayton Moore as a result but that was pretty much it.

I don't like John Wayne. Since we weren't allowed to play games as children that might have been remotely violent, the concept of playing Cowboys and Indians was probably out of the picture.

As I got older the idea of reading a Western never appealed much to me, and as an adult working in a bookstore I realized that those Longarm books by Tabor Evans are the male equivalent of Harlequin romances read by so many women. My point here is that I have always expected Westerns to be sort of Lots of guns and dust and prejudiced comments about women and their place in the world.

But then once upon a time about nine years ago I took a Greyhound bus from Pittsburgh to Memphis to visit my parents for Thanksgiving. And on the way there or maybe the way back I looked up from whatever book I was reading at the time I know it wasn't a Western to find we were stopped in downtown Zanesville, Ohio.

There wasn't much to Zanesville that I could see and I don't think more than one person actually got on the bus at that point he might have been the sole person living in Zanesville for all I knew. But here's the thing I decided after that trip and stopping for minutes in the town where Zane Grey was born: One day I would read a novel by Zane Grey.

Of course the minute I got home I put the thought out of my head because there were prettier, shinier books that should be read. Then a couple years ago I found this book in the clearance section and realized I had no more excuses. It had to be read.

So I bought it. And then promptly forgot about it. Because that's how I roll. I always sort of thought this was his first novel, but it turns out he wrote at least nine books before this one - that this one happens to be his best-known.

Despite everything above, I honestly did not hate this book. It was actually a little exciting in parts in the same way I found The Lone Ranger exciting as a kid watching it on TVbut I was so horribly distracted by the amount of repetition included.

I assume this is because Grey himself wasn't actually a writer to begin with - according to my copy's introduction, he was a dentist first, only beginning to write at the prompting of his wife.Riders Of The Purple Sage is one of my all-time favorite novels. It happens to be a Western although I'm not particularly drawn to this genre.

Zane Grey's story is riveting with a plot that includes love as well as a compelling mystery which comes together and finally is revealed fully at the end. Reading Zane Grey’s Riders of the Purple Sage is a little bit disconcerting. Expecting a western, and it is, I also got an illustration of religious intolerance and prejudice.

Set in Utah in the s, the local political and economic powers that be are Mormon and everyone else is not Mormon/5. Buy a cheap copy of Riders of the Purple Sage book by Zane Grey.

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When a gunman named Lassiter and a rich homesteader named Jane Withersteen join forces, no outlaw in the town is safe from their wrath/5(). Riders of the Purple Sage [Zane Grey] on metin2sell.com *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Reprint of Edition. This Novel was significant for its role in shaping the formula of the popular Western genre and is considered one of most popular western novels in American metin2sell.coms: Riders of the Purple Sage, published in , has been called the most popular western novel of all time.

Zane Grey's sixth book and first bestseller, Riders is set in the mysterious canyon country of southern Utah during the turbulent s and portrays a conflict between Mormon and non-Mormon settlers over the possession of land/5(87).

Riders of the Purple Sage by Zane Grey