A personal story on the soccer injury

Main content From an Athlete: Katie's Story Hurting my knee brought many challenges I had never expected to face. Knowing I couldn't play soccer for almost a year was a difficult cross to bear. It not only made me sad, but it also made me angry.

A personal story on the soccer injury

Physical Therapy The goal of all therapy is to maximize the patient's strength and functional independence. Athletes who have had severe head injuries may require rehabilitation for a prolonged period. In most patients, mild brain injuries do not require extensive rehabilitation, but they do require focal medical and rehabilitation care based on the individual's clinical evaluation and diagnostic test results.

Physical therapy is helpful in patients with increased tone, motor deficits, or mobility problems after a brain injury. Range-of-motion exercises are helpful in managing spasticity and preventing contractures.

The use of assistive devices can also be addressed. Speech Therapy Speech therapy is often useful in detecting subtle changes in the patient's thought processes and speech patterns.

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A speech therapist can help a patient with brain injury overcome barriers related to these changes. Recreational Therapy Recreational therapy is helpful in achieving community reintegration of the patient. Neuropsychologic measures may be good indicators of residual injury, and repeated testing may reveal when the athlete reaches a plateau.

Loss of autonomic control of blood pressure or respiration and cardiac abnormalities may occur. The patient may become uninhibited, impulsive, or agitated. Aggressive treatment with behavioral programs, counseling, and short-term medication usage is most effective.

Medication usage mood stabilizers, atypical antipsychotics should be instituted carefully and with full knowledge of the indicators of clinical success, duration of treatment, and potential adverse effects.

This is a rare condition, but if it is suspected, emergent treatment is indicated. Complications of severe brain injury: Brainstem herniation, rebleeding, and death may occur. Minor issues in patients with brain injuries include the following: Rarely, it is due to injury to the brainstem central balance coordinating structures.

Dizziness is treated with medications and therapy. Insomnia is best treated with a rapid return to activity, treatment of secondary issues, and short-term nonaddictive sleep aides.

Behavior may vary from excessive see above or depressed. Normalizing sleep-wake cycles, controlling pain, reactivating physical skills, and reassurance help most individuals.Get the full story.

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A personal story on the soccer injury

Join free for 30 days. After that, pay as little as $ per month for the best local news coverage in Manitoba. When I found out I needed surgery on my knee, I was upset, but I understood that injuries happen to many athletes.

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Getting hurt was a risk of playing soccer. I went into the surgery with the thought of getting rid of the pain in my knee and being back to playing soccer in four to six months. The surgery didn’t go as planned.

I loved to play sports, whether it was basketball, softball, swimming, soccer, or field hockey. I dreamed of being a star athlete in high school and possibly swimming in college.

However, it all changed one winter morning when I was playing a basketball game for my rural league team. During a high school soccer game, a player, while running down the field, suddenly tripped and fell, sustaining a serious leg injury.

Under normal conditions, where negligence or willful conduct doesn’t cause the injury, the school may only have to provide coverage limited to about $1, for the injured player’s medical bills. The latest Man Utd news including team news, injury updates, transfers, features, match previews, match reports and more.

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