5 year business plan questions to answer

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5 year business plan questions to answer

So why are we still stumped when someone asks this granddaddy of a ridiculous question in our creative interview? No company can or ever will guarantee an employee a job for five years.

Who are your customers?

But, quite frankly, this is the wrong way of looking at this question. And, in actuality, this question although obscurely phrased is actually one of the easiest interview questions to answer — if you know how to answer it properly.

5 year business plan questions to answer

Most interviewers look for interviewees to answer by way of long-term professional goals. It really works — we swear! Check out these five tips on how to best answer this doozy of an interview question: Choose the best answer.

Interviews work both ways. Always keep in mind that you are using this interview as a means to analyze the potential employer as well. An answer for those who want to be experts: I am eager to experience new challenges and excited to invest five years time specializing in a career I find extremely interesting and motivating.

This would allow me to demonstrate my aptitude for managing others and having more responsibility. I am a dedicated employee and hope to better both my career and my company via my commitment and enthusiasm. Be realistic and motivated.AKA “What is your 5-year plan?” If the answer to question number 4 is: “Well, I am finishing up my degree in Information Systems after which, I hope to study for .

Questions about your future plans can be tricky to answer - you need to be honest in your response, but also keep it relevant to the job and industry.

For example, don't share your five-year goal to publish a novel if you're interviewing for an accountant position. Check out these five tips on how to best answer this doozy of an interview question: Tip #1: Choose the best answer. Only after you’ve gotten a good feel for the company, as well as for the potential position, will you actually be able to state your five-year plan suitably.

Apr 24,  · The best answers for the “where do you see yourself in 5 years” interview question are both vague and realistic. Don’t tell the interviewer you want to be CEO. And never ever say you plan to have their job in five years/5(86). Answer these 4 questions to have a basic working business plan.

but are afflicted with Business Plan Paralysis. A lot of companies have trouble out of the gate because their 5 year plan. Business Plan Questions to Answer Is Your Product or Service Innovative?

This does not mean the core offerings of your company have to be completely different .

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