12 angry men ambiguous

After a few short establishing shots where men, women, and children traverse the plaza steps and interior hallways of the court building, Lumet and director of photography Boris Kaufman focus on a particular door, where one of many cases currently in motion is just about to reach critical mass. The legal arguments have subsided, leaving the courtroom mostly silent and the fate of the accused in the hands of the aforementioned 12 white men. Juror 8 has questions, a lot of them that he wants to discuss further, much to the chagrin of his fellow jurors. In the minds of the other 11 men, the evidence is overwhelming in favor of the prosecution, so why even bother with debate.

12 angry men ambiguous

This arc, Days of Future Past, introduces the concept of a dystopian future awaiting mutants. It shows mutants as an oppressed, imprisoned minority living in concentration camps and forced to wear an M on their clothing to indicate their mutant-hood when they go into public.

12 angry men ambiguous

12 angry men ambiguous this future, Sentinels have taken over America. All non-mutant super-heroes and many mutants have been killed. A small group, including Wolverine, Magneto, Colossus, Storm, Kitty now Kate Pryde, Franklin Richards, and a new character, a redhead telepath named Rachel, are running a gambit to reverse the history.

That's the plot of this arc, but the overall concept is more powerful, showing that the stakes the modern day X-Men are playing for are higher than we thought. Thanks to the efforts of the group in the future, right after Kitty passes her first Danger Room test - which simply requires her to walk across the room phased They are led by Mystique, a shapeshifter we have seen mostly behind the scenes in Ms.

With her is Destiny, an old lady with precognitive abilities, and Avalanche and Pyro, who have control over earth and fire, respectively. We've seen these characters in some continuity inserts, but these are their first actual appearances. And rounding out the group is the Blob, presumably to give some cred to the Brotherhood name, although the Blob was only tangentially a member of the original team.

The X-Men stop the assassination after a rough fight with the Brotherhood. The new Brotherhood is pretty tough, but the X-Men's internal problems also contribute to the fight, especially the conflict between Wolverine and Storm over Wolverine's lethal methods.

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There's a scene where Storm orders Wolverine to stop using his claws during the fight, and he nearly turns on her in rage. Storm is now team leader, and she worries in general that she's not the leader that Cyclops was.

There's also a noted similarity between Nightcrawler and Mystique that causes hesitation Claremont has stated that his original intention was that the shape-shifting Mystique was actually Nightcrawler's father and Destiny was his mother, but that isn't the way things actually turned out.

Mystique tells Nightcrawler to ask Margarli Szardos, his demon step-mother, about their relationship. It's actually Kate who stops Destiny from killing Kelly.

Doing so sends her back into the future, although it's not shown what she finds there Despite being rescued by the X-Men, Senator Kelly is still convinced by Sebastian Shaw to go forward with a meeting with the US president to enact Project Wideawake, a clandestine government-run Sentinel program.

12 angry men ambiguous

Henry Peter Gyrich, previously the man in charge of the Avengers, will run the project. As always, great art by Byrne, especially depicting the battle scenes both the Brotherhood fight and the future scenes with the Sentinels.

And of course the dystopian future introduced here has a lot of significance and adds strength to the mutant rights themes in this book even if it will be overused in the future.

These issues re-establish the theme that was subtext in the early Silver Age stories. The Brotherhood of "Evil" Mutants are well used here as a group that wants to fight humans, not necessarily to take over the world, but to prevent humans from oppressing mutantkind.

Destiny rightly believes that Senator Kelly is a key figure that will cause problems for mutants. But the Brotherhood's solution, to kill him, would result in even more draconian measures against mutants.

So their actions would have made things worse.

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By contrast, the X-Men have to fight to save a man that would oppress them, and when it's all over it's not even clear if they've actually made things better.Examples of Justice are novels 12 Angry Men and The Green Mile. 2 Angry Men is a novel written by Reginald Rose in The story takes place in in the jury-room of a New York Court of Law.

It is about a young delinquent who is on trial for the murder of his aggressive farther. “Twelve Angry Men” by Reginald Rose TWO and TWELVE go to the water fountain, NINE goes into the washroom, the door of which is lettered “Men.

” Several of the JURORS take seats at the table. Others stand awkwardly around the room. Several look out the windows. 12 Angry Men is a American courtroom drama film adapted from a teleplay of the same name by Reginald Rose.

Written and co-produced by Rose himself and directed by Sidney Lumet. Ambiguity is a type of meaning in which several interpretations are plausible.A common aspect of ambiguity is metin2sell.com is thus an attribute of any idea or statement whose intended meaning cannot be definitively resolved according to a rule or process with a finite number of steps.

(The ambi-part of the term reflects an idea of "two", as in "two meanings".). And speaking of the lean 96 minute running time mentioned in the last paragraph, 12 Angry Men keeps moving at a pace you wouldn't expect for a movie about 12 people who pretty much just talk in a single room for the entire movie (well, two rooms if you count a few minutes spent in the bathroom).

And of course, the actual guilt of the defendant in 12 Angry Men is left ambiguous. As we rarely have all possible information, the Heath Brothers advise us to prepare for bad outcomes as well as good ones.

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